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About Chilkat Software Inc.

Chilkat Software Inc. is a fast-growing software company based in Chicago, Illinois. It develops, markets, and sells software components and libraries that are trusted and used by thousands of companies and organizations worldwide.


Rock-solid, mature, reliable, 1000+ users,
result of over 1000 hours of expert development.

High-quality Zip component
for Zip compression
at an affordable price

It is the complete Zip compression solution for your application, providing functionality for:

  • Zip, Unzip, Memory compression
  • Self-Extractor capability
  • Zipping and unzipping files on demand
  • Compressing database fields
  • Packaging files ready for distribution
  • Automating backups
  • Compressing and decompressing strings and buffers directly in memory
  • Memory to Zip file conversions and vica versa
  • Creating AES encrypted archives and self-extracting executables.
  • Creating and decrypting standard WinZip password-protected Zips.
  • Compressing your application data files.
  • Embedding compressed data directly into an EXE for access at runtime.

Chilkat Zip is an ideal component for individual, small business, and enterprise software developers.


Provides developers everything they need to compress and uncompress files and data using standard WinZip compression.

Reliability is our first priority.

Getting started with basic zipping and unzipping is incredibly easy.
This is typically accomplished in 20 minutes or less.





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