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One class of chemicals called polybrominated flame-retar- ; dants (PBDEs) used in many different types of plastics and plastic-containing products are known thyroid disrupters that are both persistent and bio-accumulative. When they leach out of the plastics they quickly find their way into the biosphere. Since the 1970s, PBDEs have increased more than fifty- J fold in breast milk.

If breast milk were regulated like infant formula, it would commonly violate FDA levels for poisonous substances in food.

In spite of the contamination of breast milk, it is still considered by scientist's and pediatricians to be the ideal food for infants. The present theory is that higher rates of chemical exposure from breast milk are less significant than the smaller amounts that come from in utero exposure. Even though more chemicals may be transferred to the nursing infant, exposure while in the womb is considered more potentially disrupting. Studies on breast milk unanimously agree that the benefits far outweigh the risks. Don't ever give up on Mother Nature.



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